Armed Heist: Shooting games Codes 2.4.29

Admin - Last update May 15, 2022

NameArmed Heist: Shooting games
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Armed Heist is a gangster shooter that takes place in third-person mode. Get ready to go on a crime and make the most notorious robbery in history, earning millions.

List of Cheats (May 15, 2022)

  • 5PC8VkgO3hZQ4Gdyw2BXSA9DIpqm1a
  • lW91Ah7SKa0NJHFxRCpc34QGbVTwDM
  • FnOvajksTC6eSR14ud8VzH5IlqBmQE
  • kExR0qBhpKGnQ8MX9wjrucmAWz7YtI
  • VPZIgkpGqwHQsK7vABlbNjSdEWtF8y
  • fJ8DaQXrw3eovsGmNgn0qH7KRZV5jt
  • VZ6xo1FCh7nQflIHys5uLUeO8a20Sz
  • c6PSqfEoUXWbZYkls2QdCpaxz85vmr
  • BkaXDLW8QN7n1vpZhzT0smE9yM5U32
  • eVA03WTlC85p6PIcfbwvadmqQFsh7U

Each code can only be entered 328 times. So if Armed Heist: Shooting games codes are not working, wait for our next update.

It’s time to try to become the heist king and become famous all over the world. This is precisely the purpose of such an amazing shooter, made on the basis of full realism. Someone needs to take on the role of criminal authority and engage in bank robberies. Naturally, it will be very convenient to use third-person control, because this is the most favorite camera view for users. A large number of tasks have already been prepared that will need to be completed. There is no pity in Armed Heist, because the bandits have no such feelings. This is truly the biggest heist mobile game ever made. The user decides on his own how he will start the journey and you can try to rob the store first.

Game features

  • Large-scale and dynamic crime map;
  • 3D realistic graphics;
  • Three dozen types of weapons;
  • Special story scenarios;
  • The mass of objects for robbery;
  • Freedom of choice of tasks;
  • Carefully thought out operations.

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