Apocalypse Hunters Gift Codes

Apocalypse Hunters is an incredibly cool apocalypse game that goes through the card mode. The gameplay can be tied to the area, and everything that happens on your screen happens in reality, even including weather conditions.

Codes List (May 6, 2022)

Each code can only be entered 742 times. So if Apocalypse Hunters codes are not working, wait for our next update.

The player needs to become a real hero and protect his own city from the insane invasion. Collect the most powerful deck of combat cards, so that later you can boldly use them in battles against terrible monsters that come to your city every day. Win and get new even more powerful battle plan cards as a reward. Come up with your own strategy for passing Apocalypse Hunters and use it to achieve your goals. The whole story of the game began after a crazy explosion at a local laboratory, when everything got out of control and then the monsters rushed to populate the land, destroying the entire local population along the way. Now the virus is spreading all over the world and continues to infect with its power everything that is still alive or exists. The player from Apocalypse Hunters will become a real monster hunter and must use powerful weapons to solve problems with enemies.

Apocalypse Hunters – battles with monsters with geolocation

Use the navigator and explore the vast world, constantly looking for new targets to destroy. As a result, the player can free the whole world from the invasion of these monsters. Explore many locations of this vast world and constantly find new activities and goals for yourself. As a result of hunting monsters, the player will be able to win the maximum number of weapons for Apocalypse Hunters and use them to deal with the monsters. Enjoy the incredible features of this card game that are not available in other games of the same genre. Defeat monsters and clear every area from their armies, you must try to become the best in this never-ending story.

UpdateMay 6, 2022
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