1945 Classic Arcade Cheat Codes 9.58

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Name1945 Classic Arcade
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1945ClassicArcade are the classic tests on planes that storm the sky every day, with the goal of achieving the greatest victory over the enemy army.

Cheat Codes List

  • SyEvR4ZHnBO268oxdgwcAtQh0NUWzK
  • mFZ2GuMcqV5DlgjPAWTvwLYfB73ipE
  • 3wkaKscre1MITFBUYd8GNWjOQHbu7R
  • rYDhGb9w1igXcanQOZ4s2J6ejMtzqR
  • xOWieSk1lJXCEbjzgdH4vh0sPBQtf9
  • UTmR8k1vqKnVSHQNe62o5py47BaXJI
  • 6gLMfGW8z2tI03wDXHc1SdU5mipOvQ
  • mBq2DWTpQhMiNytH0JK7U1ACva53E8
  • 71BkZLbgGQaAuwiCEDqRozpIMstrv5
  • rIGyCPEBSW16TqYcvKFVOuw7t80Rgb

About the Game

The classics of the gaming genre will always have crowds of fans, and you probably belong to them, otherwise you would not pay attention to such a cool shooter where airplanes and helicopters will take part in the global battle of the 45s. thus, an exciting arcade game will be a serious test for anyone who decides to become a pilot. The graphics have improved since the 90s, when you could still use these on consoles. Now you can enjoy your favorite game anywhere, especially since it does not require the Internet, which means it will not spend extra traffic. Each pilot will be able to choose from 1945 Classic Arcade any of the six types of aircraft that have become legendary in mobile history. After that, the war will begin and each stage will have its own bosses, but first you need to get to them.

Game features

  • Colorful game with visual effects;
  • Many varieties of aircraft and weapons;
  • Special modes and main adventures;
  • 6 types of aircraft from World War II.

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